Cake Time!

I guess I can start off by saying pinterest made me do it. Planning a wedding isn't easy, and i'm sure all my past and future brides ;) can attest to that. On my spare time I tend to find myself on Pinterest. Pinning things onto my boards including but not limited to wedding ideas. Lately I've been looking at the sweets and cakes that I may want for the big day and of course the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner. After going through a bunch of pins I felt like getting my hands dirty and doing a little baking of my own. So I left on a whim to Walmart to pick up a few things. I would have gone to Michaels since I have coupons but truth be told that was in the direction of traffic and I hate traffic.

Here's my creation. It my first time baking a cake like this and doing this particular texture to boot. I don't think it came out to shabby and my lovely food tester was a very happy camper after eating a slice (or two). I on the other hand had a small bite. I spent so much time baking, by the time I finished, I had no appetite.