Jesslynn's Communion Session: Miami

Jessicka and I first met back in 2007 at Bahama Breeze. I started working there early 08' after high school. I've always believed everyone should for at least one day work in the service industry. You learn so many things, from how to treat strangers, how to control your temper while working, and how to tip. ;) 

Jessicka was a wonderfully warm person who was a pleasure to work with. I first met her oldest daughter when she came by the restaurant shortly after I started working there. A little over 5 years later it was time to prepare for her communion. Jessicka contacted me hoping i'd be available and I of course said yes. Jesslynn was as sweet as I remembered. Her two other girls already so much older than the last time I had seen them. Its amazing and nerve-racking how fast time flies by. 

I'm so honored to have been able to capture this important moment in their lives. 
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