Beatriz & Telma: Ritz Carlton Wedding

Traffic was a pain but that's usually the case in Miami. The reasons for traffic vary here, most of the time it's due to construction. The ever growing Miami sometimes feels like more like an inconvenience than a blessing. Of course today none of that mattered. The day before the weather had been horrendous. I was expecting it to at least be cloudy after the storm, but alas the day was beautiful Barely a cloud in the sky. In fact it was also quite hot. 

After dropping the car of with the valet, I waited for the hotel planner to meet me downstairs. She showed me the area where the wedding and reception dinner would be taking place. I went upstairs to find myself with my two brides. I've known Beatriz all my life, and it's not a figure of speech, she happens to be my cousin. Her and Telma have been together ever since I can remember. The love they share is tremendous and I'm so honored and blessed to have been apart of their wedding. 

Here's to many years of happiness!