Vanessa & Jonathan Part 2 Disney's Boardwalk

I failed to mention in the last post that when we woke up bright and early to shoot we did experience a factor that was out of my control. You read right ladies and gents ( I of course freaked out on the inside) and I proceeded to come up with a plan B. Originally we were to wake up and head to Disney's Boardwalk before heading to Magic Kingdom. Only problem was when I walked outside I couldn't see two feet in front of me. Why you may ask? Well because for some reason there was fog everywhere. Not a bit of fog either. I'm not used to foggy mornings, and rarely even see fog in the middle of the night. Thank God too! Foggy nights give me the creeps. 

So after talking to Vanessa and Jonathan we agreed to leave the early Boardwalk session for the next day and attempt MK instead once the fog let up, and I'm so happy we did. The next morning was perfect! No fog and amazing weather! It was great! 

After shooting, we all left to Downtown Disney. We ate lunch, and hung out until it was time to head home. The best part of my job is when my amazing clients turn into amazing friends.