Vanessa & Jonathan- Magic Kingdom Engagement

My nerves began to kick in. It was already midnight and I started to go over the check list. I always get butterflies before a session. I always thought these butterflies would eventually subside the longer I've shot. I was wrong. For those who don't know me, I tend to over analyze everything! As a photographer we do what we can to control our surroundings to the best of our abilities to assure a great session. We discuss with our clients about locations that will help avoid crowds and times that will offer amazing lighting. I've yet meet someone who wants harsh lighting and a photo-bomber in the background but lets face it, there might be someone out there who does. I regress... point is I was about to shoot in a place that made this almost impossible....

Disney World.

The most magical place on earth. Also known for massive crowds, long lines, and over priced everything. Probably one of the most nerve-racking places I've ever had to shoot. I mean how do I avoid the hoards of people in the background? What about the weather? I mean a mini heart-attack was about to ensue. Ricky saw me in panic mode, kissed my forehead, and insisted I go to bed. Next morning we dropped off the children Miss Padme & Mr Jedi at their respective babysitters. I double checked everything before leaving and started to drive off on the open road.

I'll never forget that night a Mickey's Magical Christmas but that's a tale for another post.

Next morning we ate breakfast, then conveniently met up with our neighbors outside the hotel room and headed to the bus that would take us to good ol' MK. On the bus we talked about movies, Disney and our mutual love for Doctor Who (even though we disagree on who the best doctor is ;] )

The rest, well you'll just have to see the pictures...."

IMG_4930 copy.jpg