Susy & Arnold: Sunny Isles Engagement Session

I first met Susy last year when she was preparing for her wedding. After being referred, she contacted me via email and we soon met up at a local Starbucks so that we can see how right of a fit we were for each other. Susy and I hit it off great! We talked about the wedding, how her and Arnold met, and what ideas she had for her engagement session. Arnold was definitely the inquisitive one. While me and Susy babbled on about all the girly details, he went straight for the business questions. Susy warned me he wasn't as excited for taking pictures, which of course I hear all the time. Most of the grooms are if-y about having a camera on them for a couple of hours.

The day came and it was beautiful. Susy had brought an arsenal of family and friends to tag along and assist. Okay so it wasn't an arsenal. More like 4 people, and they were awesome. They helped set up the props, holding all their bags (and mine) and assisted on warming the couple up with their inside jokes. I was a little nervous wondering if Arnold was going to be as excited as we were about the session. Next thing I know after getting him to pose alone, Arnold opened up and I saw they were both having a great time, which in turn made me so happy. Shooting them was a pleasure and I can't wait for their wedding this July.