Proposal: Magic Kingdom

I was already nervous. I had packed up all the things I needed to travel to Orlando to shoot a session in Disney. The clients booked friday night as well as Saturday night. We figured we'd make the most out of it and head over early Friday to enjoy ourselves. Ricky bought tickets to Mickey's Magical Christmas


I had only been to Magic kingdom two before. Once when I was 12 and the other time shortly after we began dating (exactly four years ago). I had a million things on my mind, like the fact I've only been there twice and half of the park is brand-spankin new (with Fantasyland recently opening) and I was no Magic Kingdom expert.

Needless to say I had never gone to one of their special occasion parades or anything of that sort. I was pretty excited. Fake snow, free hot chocolate, cookies, and apple slices all night, a Christmas parade, and special fireworks display. I was so giddy I drove up the whole way in record time. We also were able to go into the park at 3pm (4hours before the show) to ride rides, eat, and hangout.

I started to suspect Ricky was up to something. He who calmed me down just the night before was acting strange and jumpy. I had assumed it was because unfortunately this was the day the Sandy Hook shooting had occurred (I know it was a sad day). He started acting strange, shuffling through our things, and insisted I dress nice. 

It was cold. Colder than I expected. I love the cold but didn't dress for 48 degree weather. My cousin Erika (Owner of Farm Fresh Miami, yes I totally just plugged her in there) along with her husband and daughter, happened to be there celebrating the little ones third birthday. They decided to buy tickets and join us for the Christmas extravaganza. 

We sat patiently for an hour because I insisted on good seats. I had a curb picked out and I wasn't about to loose it so Ricky made the multiple hot chocolate runs on his own and later with my cousins. The parade began and Ricky could not sit still. I started he going to propose???? All of a sudden I was nervous. Was there a flash mob? Was their going to be a huge public thing? I almost shut down. Then the Parade came and went. 

I wasn't sure if I should have been relieved, angry he missed a great op to do so, or feeling crazy for over thinking it. I was a mess in my little ol' head. We went off to the nearest smoking section before the fireworks show. No longer then 15min later we heard the first firework go off. This meant it was time for us to head back, but there was no time. We decided it was best to stay where we were since we had a great view anyway. 

I took out Ricky's iphone and started taking pictures. Then I started to make a video and asked Ricky to say something. When he started to make faces at the camera I went back to the fireworks. A minute later he said he wanted to do it again and promised not to make funny faces. 

The rest is a bit jumbled and all scattered around and I'm sorry for that. He started moving and I kept telling him to stop as I would move back. I didn't notice what he was doing because I was trying to get him and the fireworks in the background. 

I then heard some guy scream "Pay attention he's proposing!") and that's when I saw him on one knee. With the ring in his hand pointing it up at me. Most of what he said I couldn't make out. I'm not sure if it was me too emotional to make sense of it, or he was too emotional to make any sense. I do remember the last sentence. 

Right after He asked

Right after He asked

" Will you make me the Happiest man on Earth, in the happiest place in the World"

*Cue the Tears* I stood silent. In my head I had already said yes, but my mouth didn't get the memo. He then asked "yes?" that's when I realized I hadn't said anything so I immediately screamed out my reply. "Yes! Of course!" 

Not a minute after, we realized there was no wait for Space Mountain. We ran over to the ride and dashed through the empty inside till we got to the area to mount our "spaceship". I was still overwhelmed and rode the ride with fresh happy tears still on my face. After that we walked my cousins and said our goodbyes. The little one had already fallen asleep and they wanted to give us some alone time. We took a picture by the castle where the photographer gave us each a button (JUST ENGAGED). The rest of the night we had everyone who worked there wishing us congratulations and starting up conversations. We even have a picture with Cinderella, the Prince, and her stepsisters checking out the new bling ;). It was adorable. 

That's  how I knew it was a night I would never forget.