"I bet you're going to have a really great year!"

 I can't believe I was doing so well and I just stopped blogging. Another year...another resolution. Much has happened since I last blogged. That's partially to blame as to why I've been so lost in the blogging world. I'm very excited to post some of the missing blogs of 2013 and finishing up with the all the awesome sessions this month has to offer. :)

I guess i'll keep this post light. I would how ever like to leave you with this.

great year.jpeg

 Granted not everyone will understand this. But those of you WHO do, hold a special place in my heart. Oh the geeky feels. :)

Bianca's Maternity Session

Bianca has such an amazing personality. She contacted me a few months ago inquiring about my sessions. She wanted a session that embodied who she was so we started out at her home. I loved walking into the babies room, there were so many beautiful details including a hand knitted baby blanket done by her charismatic granny. She had so many ideas for her session, all of them so great and wonderful and a few that were personal to this mommy and daddy to be. There were so many shots that I couldn't just pick a few. Did I mention this baby boy should be arriving tonight!? How exciting. I can't wait to meet him at his very first session ;)

Jacqueline's Maternity Session

I love when I'm contacted by family members asking if it's possible to gift photo sessions. In case you didn't know it is! Jacqueline's aunt Kathy contacted me a few days before Mother's day hoping to gift her niece a wonderful Maternity session and set it up before her shower. Of course I was happy to oblige, sent over a digital gift certificate and set up the session with her aunt.

The week after Mother's day we met up with not only Jacqueline, but Kathy was there too, as well as her mom, two other aunts and make-up artist! I mean I had some one to fix fly aways, manage props, hold the reflector, assist with out fit changes and more! They even rewarded them selves with the jewelry they bought for the session.  

Cake Time!

I guess I can start off by saying pinterest made me do it. Planning a wedding isn't easy, and i'm sure all my past and future brides ;) can attest to that. On my spare time I tend to find myself on Pinterest. Pinning things onto my boards including but not limited to wedding ideas. Lately I've been looking at the sweets and cakes that I may want for the big day and of course the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner. After going through a bunch of pins I felt like getting my hands dirty and doing a little baking of my own. So I left on a whim to Walmart to pick up a few things. I would have gone to Michaels since I have coupons but truth be told that was in the direction of traffic and I hate traffic.

Here's my creation. It my first time baking a cake like this and doing this particular texture to boot. I don't think it came out to shabby and my lovely food tester was a very happy camper after eating a slice (or two). I on the other hand had a small bite. I spent so much time baking, by the time I finished, I had no appetite. 

Cauley Square Part 2

I've been trying to stay true to my New Years resolution.. well at least one of them. I told myself I would try to blog almost every day.

I once heard Jasmine Star say 

"Your website is your handshake, and your blog is your voice"

And I love that. I think it's very true. I wanted A website that shows off my work, is clean cut, and my style. I wanted it to have the details and get straight to the point of what people would want to see when searching for a photographer. 

This all fine and dandy for the website but not for my blog. I want the blog to show case my work but I want it to be fun and inviting. I want past and future clients to see me and want to hire me not only for my work but the girl behind the lens. I believe photographers and their clients should have a connection, I mean its what I look for when I'm searching for a photographer. So I've been trying to keep in touch with that, and stick to blogging as often as possible, for my clients and for myself. 

So now that thats been said, Caluley Square. 

Yesterday I mentioned that I was waiting for them to get back to me with the wedding information. I awoke this morning to an email from Brittany who sent over all the information.

There's been a few revisions from the past information they used to have on their page. 

For ceremony only:

Sanctuary Garden $900 (2 hr max) - max 150ppl

Bridge Garden $1250 (2 hr max) - max 100ppl

Events or Reception/Ceremony

Fountain Garden $2700 - max 150ppl

The Courtyard Wedding Place $3550 w/ tables - max 250ppl

The Bridge $2100 - max 100ppl

Botanical Garden $3500

If the wedding were to take place there would want the Courtyard just because its our favorite part of Cauley Square. 

The Catering has also gone up and changed slightly, but still affordable. There's 3 packages. Each just a few dollars apart $26pp, $33pp, and $41pp. Which is not bad from what I've seen. This also includes cocktail hour (1-3 different hors d'oeuvres), salad, backed rolls, entree with 2-3 sides (depending on the package), Beverage station (teas,water,sodas,coffee etc), shafting dishes, plates (entre,salad,cake), silverware, napkins, glassware, tea and coffee cups.